In my last post I mentioned I was going to see my doctor about my shoulder. Well, he referred me to a physiotherapist which is what I was hoping for. He also said that if the physio doesn’t work then surgery is an option. Hmmm. Can’t say I’m thrilled about that prospect. Anyway, I had […]

I’m not the patient type. When I want something I want it NOW. But of late I’ve been having to learn patience thanks to my strength training. I started training with kettlebells back in March. At the time I didn’t really know what I was doing but then I read the excellent book ‘Enter the […]

I’m writing this in a café near my work place enjoying a lunch time latté. Very nice. Something I’m thinking about at the moment is happiness. I think it’s an often overlooked subject, especially in the health and fitness community which can so often be goal orientated. Sure, we may have to make sacrifices in […]

The human body is amazing. It truly is. There’s nothing else on earth that comes even remotely close. It can grow, adapt, move, heal, learn and reproduce. It is self aware and aware of its environment. It can give signals about what is good and bad for it through the use of pleasure and pain. […]

I’ve been in Canada for three and a half weeks, which is why this blog has been quiet lately. I’m half way through writing an entry which I started in heathrow airport waiting for my flight out but I’ve been lacking in time, and if I’m honest, motivation, to finish it. I will soon. Promise. […]

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Courtesy of a Quick Google Images Search or Two… Problem: Cause: SAD Carb Consumption/Obesity DIRECTLY Proportional Affect: Adult Obesity Related Diseases Incidence of Diabetes Incidence of Childhood Diabetes Incidence of Vascular Disease (Flat Line) Incidence of Heart Attack (Flat Line) How Many Are Diet/Obesity Related? Solution: P-A-L-E-O The End… -E

Instruction is important. There are so many things in life we know we need instruction in. This could be something as common as driving a car, or cooking (look at the number cookery shows on TV); or it could be something deeply technical and specialized such as becoming a surgeon or a jedi. There are […]

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A Christian viewpoint on diet and exercise

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