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One week in

Elbow is playing on the HiFi and I’m sitting on the apartment balcony watching lightning over Lake Ontario. The video doesn’t do it justice. It’s quite something to watch. So I’ve been in Canada for a week now, and apart from missing my family I’ve really enjoyed myself. I’ve met old friends, made some new […]

Another reason to eat chocolate

It’s been a long time since my last post. Too long. Longer than I ever intended. The spring and summer have been busy, resulting in me not really feeling like I had time to write anything, which is of course rubbish as today’s post will prove. I know I’ve talked about it before, but I […]

Are you happy?

I’m writing this in a café near my work place enjoying a lunch time latté. Very nice. Something I’m thinking about at the moment is happiness. I think it’s an often overlooked subject, especially in the health and fitness community which can so often be goal orientated. Sure, we may have to make sacrifices in […]

A matter of taste

The human body is amazing. It truly is. There’s nothing else on earth that comes even remotely close. It can grow, adapt, move, heal, learn and reproduce. It is self aware and aware of its environment. It can give signals about what is good and bad for it through the use of pleasure and pain. […]

Follow the instructions

Instruction is important. There are so many things in life we know we need instruction in. This could be something as common as driving a car, or cooking (look at the number cookery shows on TV); or it could be something deeply technical and specialized such as becoming a surgeon or a jedi. There are […]

Forget me not

I saw an interesting headline on the cover of NewScientist magazine whilst I was out shopping for berries last night. Food for thought: What you eat may be killing your brain So of course I had to buy it given my current interest on anything to do with nutrition science. I also had an inkling […]

Yay for coconut oil

Just a quick post. I came across this interesting article on the BBC News website. The long and short of it is that scientists have found that coconut oil inhibits the growth of Streptococcus bacteria, which is a common bacteria in the mouth. So not only does it taste good, it’s a natural fat that is […]

Nashville Kettlebell

A Christian viewpoint on diet and exercise


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A Christian viewpoint on diet and exercise

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