August training

Fri 2nd August

Last day in LA.  Woke up and performed the normal resets. Went to the park near the apartment and did spider-man crawls along the length of the play area. These are on sand so pretty tough. Followed by 5 chin ups. Did these as a superset 4 times. Finished off by holding a handstand for 30 seconds twice.

As the day wore on I noticed my shoulder wasn’t feeling right, so I think the handstands aggravated it. I had been doing the crawls and chin ups all the time I was in LA with no issues in my shoulder so I’m certain it was the handstand that did it.

Mon 5th August

I’d arrived back from LA the previous morning so was pretty tired but was also keen to start with the get-ups again as I had been making progress with them before I left (4/4 with 24Kg). So performed resets (rolling, rocking, head nods) then did the get-ups at home as it was raining. Managed 1 get-up each side with the 24Kg. Not brilliant but I was tired and hadn’t done them for a couple of weeks. Followed that with 10 minutes of baby crawling and then 2 x 5 chin ups. Quite a light day really but as I said I was tired. Finished feeling pretty refreshed.

Tue 6th August

An “in-between” day today. Normal resets to start with followed by some exercise band work for my shoulders. I’ve found these really help and my shoulders feel really good afterwards. These consist of exercise band pull-aparts (overhead and in front) and exercise band lateral raises. 3 x 8-10 of each. Felt really good after this. So good I tested pressing a 20Kg kettlebell for 5 reps each arm. Felt fine at the time, not so good later in the day. I had pain at the top of my shoulder. The AC joint I think. Still not really sure what is going on with my shoulder and sometimes I feel very discouraged about it.

Wed 7th August

Normal resets first thing. Went to the park. 2/2 get-ups with the 24. Still not as good as I used to be but I’m still getting over jetlag and find I’m not sleeping properly so I’m really tired first thing in the morning which won’t be helping. After the get-ups spider-man crawled half the length of the soccer pitch where I train twice, followed by 7 minutes of two handed swings with the 24. 12 swings at the top of each minute. went home and did 3 x 5 chin ups. Still taking it easy, not wanting to push myself too hard whilst being so tired. Shoulder still aggravated after yesterday. Training helped as I felt fine afterwards for a little while but as the day wore on the pain came back.

Fri 9th August

Tired again today. Still not over this jetlag thing. Woke up late so just did the normal resets in the morning. Was working from home today so I was able to squeeze in a swings session in the afternoon before dinner. As my shoulder is still hurting I’ve decided to just swing for a while and concentrate on increasing my one handed swing with the 24. So did 10min of 5/5 swings on each minute. Felt pretty easy.

Mon 12th August

Slept well last night, so hopefully all jetlag has gone. Hurrah! Morning resets with 10min of baby crawling, followed by 10min of one handed swings with the 24. Seeing as Fridays session was so easy I increased the reps to 7. So did 7/7 on the minute for 10 mins. Grip was starting to feel it towards the end. Nowhere near failure, just ‘feeling it’ a bit. Should be able to do 8/8 next time. Shoulder a bit better today.

Wed 14th August

Normal resets to start with. Was running a bit late so skipped the extended time of baby crawling and went straight to the kettlebell. I’d bought some new matting the previous weekend which allows me to do floor work on the patio in my back garden so used that. It was nice to have room whilst on the floor as opposed to being pretty limited when training in my living room. Started off with 2/2 arm bar with the 24Kg bell. The previous night I ‘accidentally’ performed a side press on the train on the way home. I was stood up holding on to a pole with my right arm. I had my elbow bent at 90 degress and the pole was to my right side so my shoulder was in external rotation which can give me some relief in my shoulder. The train slowed down and I had to ‘press’ in order to counteract this. This gave me an almost instant relief and felt so good I repeated several times on the journey home. After that I decided to try some arm bars as that would provide a similar action. Arm bars felt pretty good. After that 10min of 8/8 one handed swings with 24Kg. Not quite so easy now. Could definitely feel it in my grip towards the end, but still felt good.

In the evening did some high rep band work on my shoulder.

Thu 15th August

No training but my shoulder did feel better today.

Fri 16th August

Normal morning resets followed by 10 min of baby crawling. Raining today so training inside. 3/3 arm bar with 24Kg bell, holding it for 20 secs each time. After that 8/8 one handed swings. Only did 6 mins today. Because I was inside my hands were getting more sweaty than normal and as a consequence my grip on the bell was getting precarious. Didn’t want to fling it across the living room so called it a day after 6 min. Felt pretty good and energised after that session.

Shoulder’s felt pretty good all day, just the odd nagging twinge every now and then.


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