Write down the vision

Write down the vision, make it plain...

Write down the vision, make it plain…

Well it’s January and everyone is busy making resolutions and unfortunately most people will then fail to keep them. One of the problems with resolutions is that they are sometimes too vague (i.e. lose weight, exercise more) and can’t be broken down into achievable steps. Another problem people face is that they don’t know how to achieve them. Someone may resolve to lose weight but if they go about it in the wrong way then they’ll fail and get discouraged. I’ve already written on what I think about mainstream advice on how to lose weight, check it out.

So, instead of making resolutions I thought I’d set some goals. A goal is something to aim for, it’s measurable and it can be broken down into achievable steps. At church over the past few years all cell leaders have been encouraged to set goals that are inline with the goal of the church. For instance if the goal of the church is to add 100 people in a year, then each cell needs to set a goal of growing by 2 or 3 people in a year. Breaking the larger goal (100 people) down into small steps make it achievable and less daunting.

My training goal for the year is as follows:

Get strong.

A bit vague I’ll grant you, so I’ve broken it down into ways this strength can be measured:

Achieve the one arm pushup (both arms)

Achieve the full pistol squat (both legs)

Achieve the hanging leg raise

Pass the Secret Service Snatch Test (SSST). Snatching a 24Kg kettlebell overhead 100 times in 5 min.

I have other goals for the year but I’m only sharing my training ones here.

To break it down further I’m planning on setting goals for each month. At the end of the month I’ll review and then set goals for the next month. Hopefully I’ll remember to do this. There is a big danger I won’t.

My goals for this month are largely centred around the fact that my shoulder still isn’t right. It’s a lot better than it has been and I’m expecting that I can train with it soon. I’m planning on not stressing it at all during January to give it chance to heal so I can start again in February. The advantage of setting short term goals that get me towards my long term goals is that I can quickly change or review them in order to cope with any obstacles that come up (such as a shoulder injury). So my goals for this month are:

No pushing or pressing exercises (this is hard for me)

Concentrate on kettlebell swings for main workouts

Practice Janda situps 3 times a week.

Practice pistol squats everyday in a GTG (Grease The Groove) fashion.

I’ve also started keeping a journal. Everyone that has achieved success in their training testify to the importance of journaling their workouts. I’m a big believer in copying the habits of successful people so I’ve started doing it, but mine is a little different. My journal is a training and Bible reading journal. The idea is that I right down my training, how I feel, what passages of the Bible I’ve read that day, what I received at church or cell or any words I receive. The idea behind this is that I don’t want to segregate my life into spiritual/non-spiritual or training/non-training. It’s all training. It’s all spiritual. God can teach me more about humility in a twenty minute kettlebell swing session than He can in a twenty minute Bible reading session 🙂

So if you want to progress then do what it says in Habbakuk 2:2 “Write down the vision, make it plain…”.

Finally, in the spirit of journalling, my workout for today was:

5 x 3 Janda situps – only half way, not strong enough to get all the way down yet

5 pistol squats on each leg – only down to my coffee table which comes to just below my knee

Then a kettlebell swing complex

20Kg single arm swings x 10L/10R – 30s rest

24Kg single arm swings x 10L/10R – 30s rest

20Kg double swings x 10 – 30s rest

20Kg double swings x 10 – 30s rest

24Kg single arm swings x 10L/10R – 30s rest

20Kg single arm swings x 10L/10R

rest for 3 minutes then repeat the swing complex.


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