New Kettlebells!

KettlebellsI received some new kettle bells today and I’m very excited. I’ve wanted a pair for a little while now as up until recently I only had a 16kg and a 24kg bell which meant I could only do exercises based on a single kettlebell. I also really wanted some RKC kettlebells as they are the best. My 16 and 24 are a cheaper brand, and the 16 is okay but the 24 isn’t quite right. The handle is too thick so I find it hard to swing. It’s like they took the 16 and just scaled it up. The first time I tried swinging it after 3 reps in my left hand I suddenly found it sailing across the garden. Bye bye kettlebell. I had a look at the RKC kettlebells on line and it looked like the handle width was fairly consistent across the weights, so I took the plunge and went for them. I’m really pleased.

As it is such a nice day and they arrived at lunch time (I’m working from home today), I just had to try them straight away. I started with the double swing and that was quite intense because whereas previously I’ve only ever swung a 16 or 24kg bell on its own, I was now swinging 40kg which is approximately half my body weight. Technique suddenly becomes of the utmost importance. What I could get away with with the 16, I can’t with these two 20s. I then moved on to double clean and press and front squats. All felt really good, if heavy. I then tried snatching a single 20 on its own and again, the size and shape of the bell is just right.

All in all I think these are the best purchase I’ve made in a long time.

If you live in the UK and you’re interested in some excellent quality kettlebells then check out Kettlebell Fever. They are the UK distributor for RKC kettlebells and their service is excellent.



  1. Jason Taylor · · Reply

    I fascinated by these kettle bells what are they and what do you do with them, I have been to the link you provided and I’m guessing you swing them about a bit? I will have to google them me thinks. Just how beneficial do you find them and how often do you use them and for how long? Maybe I could come around one day and experience them for myself, if your up for it 🙂

    1. Hi Jason,

      If you want to come round one evening and have a go that would be fine. I can take you through how to use them.
      You do a few things with them. Yes you do “swing them about a bit”, you can see an example of that here:

      The swing is the main exercise and it works strength and cardio all at the same time. You also use them for lifts and working upper body strength:

      And then there is the turkish get up which is excellent for all over body strength and flexibility:

      Plus there are other exercises and variations that can be done. They’re essentially a handheld gym.

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