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Courtesy of a Quick Google Images Search or Two… Problem: Cause: SAD Carb Consumption/Obesity DIRECTLY Proportional Affect: Adult Obesity Related Diseases Incidence of Diabetes Incidence of Childhood Diabetes Incidence of Vascular Disease (Flat Line) Incidence of Heart Attack (Flat Line) How Many Are Diet/Obesity Related? Solution: P-A-L-E-O The End… -E

Follow the instructions

Instruction is important. There are so many things in life we know we need instruction in. This could be something as common as driving a car, or cooking (look at the number cookery shows on TV); or it could be something deeply technical and specialized such as becoming a surgeon or a jedi. There are […]

New Kettlebells!

I received some new kettle bells today and I’m very excited. I’ve wanted a pair for a little while now as up until recently I only had a 16kg and a 24kg bell which meant I could only do exercises based on a single kettlebell. I also really wanted some RKC kettlebells as they are […]

Forget me not

I saw an interesting headline on the cover of NewScientist magazine whilst I was out shopping for berries last night. Food for thought: What you eat may be killing your brain So of course I had to buy it given my current interest on anything to do with nutrition science. I also had an inkling […]

Yay for coconut oil

Just a quick post. I came across this interesting article on the BBC News website. The long and short of it is that scientists have found that coconut oil inhibits the growth of Streptococcus bacteria, which is a common bacteria in the mouth. So not only does it taste good, it’s a natural fat that is […]

Nashville Kettlebell

A Christian viewpoint on diet and exercise


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A Christian viewpoint on diet and exercise

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